Richard Norris is a multi-instrumental composer, arranger and session musician working over the whole compass of music from classical to pop to experimental. Richard works with singer/songwriters, actors and film-makers (Pink Namaste, X-Factor, The Voice, The Bergersen Quartet, Natural History Museum).

In 2014 Richard composed the music for projects including Part and Parcel, Pink Namaste (Cannes, Awareness Film Festival, L.A., Gaiam TV) and The Bricklayer, Panaseer 21 (Electric Cinema Birmingham, London Irish Film Festival). Other recent clients include AMVBBDO, Earlham Street Clubhouse, All Bar One, Imperial War Museum, Shelter and The Dorchester. 

Current projects include a new collaborative album (in the final mixing and artwork stages), a fusion album (in the final mixing and artwork stages), composition for documentaries and an upcoming concert series proposal for later this year (in the thorough planning stages). This year, so far, has been a year of building a skyscraper - spending time digging deep ready to move forward at full speed once the foundations are laid. 

"Working with a producer of Richard's class in the studio is always very rewarding (as well as entertaining).  The British music industry is very lucky to have such a prodigious talent and I am glad his work is getting the worldwide recognition it deserves."

Ed Barker, Composer, Session Saxophone Soloist for George Michael.

"Richard Norris is a highly skilled and motivated musician & composer and an asset to any company. I whole heartedly recommend him and thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him on Around the World in Eighty Days and Brecht's the Mother"

Phil Wilmott, Theatre Director, Journalist and Critic