• Nov

    • Away from the internet this month I have been enjoying working hard on a number of projects - in particular, mine and Tekin Mustafa's album Diary of a Decade which we are now determined to make sure is not a decade in the making. 
    • We had a great day recording Nick Allen's Rainforest Musical at Resident Studios in Willesden Green. Live band, live band, live playing...all good.
    • Synth parts for Staring Out The Sun EP all re-worked, to be released in the next few months. I can't wait to hear that.
    • Now two CDs written, co-written and arranged by myself for Christian Alexander Obershneider are now on sale in Blackwells, Oxford. "Ambitions of a Boy" and "This Moment" Almost Xmas shopping time isn't it? :-)
    • I very much enjoyed putting on an organ recital for Snitterfield Methodist Church on 25 October. Music by Hakim, Couperin, myself, Harry Marlowe and a film and tv mix including Man From Uncle, Thunderbirds, Inspector Gadget and The Addams Family. 
    • A new documentary in discussion. 

  • Wednesday 16th September

    Wednesday 16th September

    • Looking forward to playing at Ed Barker's final U.K. performance before he leaves for L.A. tomorrow eve (Weds 17th) at Pizza Express, Soho. Would be great to see people there.
    • Following that I'll be moving ten doors down the road to the Groucho Club to play the piano from 11p.m - 2a.m. Likewise would be great to see people there.