• Part and Parcelled

    It is time to come out!

    We are happy to announce that Part & Parcel a Yoga documentary Satsang film has now finished its post production stage and is ready to go out into the world to share its story.

    The documentary is a 55min. feature length piece that takes us in a multilayer story, learning about the background and philosophy of Yoga and meeting some wonderful characters and their angle on the subject in our contemporary globalized world. Yoga has always been know as a great tool for healing, in this film we journey from separation to unity as we discover that the greatest healing is the healing of the spirit.
    For those of you that supported our fundraising campaign, we will be shipping our pre-release DVD in the following days. This special edition DVD has been published in 100% recycled cardboard and eco-friendly paper foam tray to minimize environmental impact. Thanks to the folks at Disk Factory for championing innovative environmental DVD solutions.

    We are also proud to announce that Arch Pictures Ltd. has represented our film in this years Cannes Marche du film and has received great feedback as we push on for the film to get a wider distribution. We are looking to get the film out there and watched by as many people as possible. We are in the process of organizing events, summiting to festivals and finding distribution options. We are scheduled to present a taster of the film at Brighton Yoga Festival in July and several yoga groups have aproached us to screen our film in their events. Please contact us for ideas, sugestions and equieries atinfo@partandparcelfilm.com